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Glee: Britney/Brittany

This was one of my favorite episodes because you finally got to see that Brittany wasn’t just a dancer and that she had a good voice! Blogger Robert Canning of IGN thought that some of the Brtiney performances were fun but boring.

 The hallucinations were a great mechanism to deliver the Britney songs and dances, but instead of scenes and lyrics that tied into the stories, they were just reenactments of the original music videos. Fun, but a little boring

That was the whole point they were hallucinations. Why would you have a hallucination of a made up music video? Since they were hallucinations it makes sense that they were remakes of the original videos.

What do you think, did these performances fall flat, or did you like them?


Glee: On My Way

This weeks glee episode was dramatic and epic. Glee did a fantastic job on tying the music in with the theme, and including good songs. Blogger Robert Canning of IGN seems to disagree.

The episodes tied the songs in thematically, with most being about living through things and celebrating life, but the overall performance were bland and flat. Sebastian has been a fine nemesis this season, but he was a weak voice that doesn’t deliver a very convincing performance. And the New Directions choices weren’t all that memorable either. These songs and their performances did a disservice to what was going on with Karofsky.

The overall performance was not bland and flat. The mash-up of Fly/ I believe I can fly was incredible and went perfectly with the episode, as did the trouble tones Stronger. I believe it was one of glee’s best performances. I do agree with Canning’s point on Sebastian, his perfomance did not stand up well against the rest.

What is your opinion of the episodes music?

Glee: Heart

This was one of my favorite glee episodes so far, other than the original regionals episode. The music in this episode was amazing but was most amazing was Dave’s return. Blogger Kristen Elizabeth said this about the return, and the glee episode.

As for Dave Karofsky’s return…I think we all knew that he was secretly in love with Kurt, (the hate kiss was a pretty big clue), but I’m still not sure if I’m supposed to hate him or feel sorry for him.

I personally did NOT see this twist coming. I knew it wasn’t Blaine but Dave was a shocker. Now the fact that Dave was in love with Kurt was not shocking, but the fact that he sent secret valentines and confessed it WAS. I feel sorry for Dave, he was a bully and he didn’t go about things the right way but he is trying to turn it around. As great of a plot twist as it would be Kurt and Dave should not get together, it would ruin things for me, and we would see less of Darren/Blaine which would be bad.

Should we hate Dave or feel sorry for him?

Glee: The Spanish Teacher

Last nights episode of glee, “The Spanish Teacher” featuring Ricki Martin was a flop with several fans including blogger Alyssa Silva of the

Just like Santana, I want to lodge a complaint with someone over tonight’s episode of Glee. Sure, they weren’t really trying to be offensive (or were they?) but if you were Hispanic or Latino and didn’t feel at least the tiniest bit insulted by Mr Schue, then I think we were watching completely different shows.

I disagree with this statement.  Schue was not trying to be offensive and neither were the glee producers. This scene of him singing was purely there to show just how much Schuester didn’t understand about spanish. The purpose of this was for Will to have his epiphany and realize he was not to meant to teach spanish; NOT to piss off the hispanic or latino community.

Which side are you on?

Glee: Michael

Last nights new episode of Glee featured all songs from the late Michael Jackson. Contact music did an over all review of the show.

The highlight of the episode appears to be New Directions’ rendition of ‘Bad’, the classic Michael Jackson hit, which has them dueling with The Warblers in a ‘Jackson-off.’

I personally think the best song of the night was between Santana and the leader of the Warblers, Sebastian. She clearly upstaged him in singing “Smooth Criminal” and the cello players were bad ass. It was an intense scene and very entertaining. Obviously the “Bad” scene was good too but it seemed sort of cliche. I also thought that the “Smooth Criminal” scene shows how Naya Rivera (Santana), has had some practice with her voice. She was always good but she is clearly better now.

What was your favorite rendition of MJ’s music?

Glee: Yes/No

Glee just recently started their spring season with the shocking yes/no episode.

Time entertainment said this episode was iffy like all of the other episodes.

I got to watching Glee late last night, and before I fired up the Tivo, asked my Twitter feed its verdict on the episode. “The best in a while,” came the answer. Also: “The worst in a while.” This being Glee, not only did the answers not surprise me, I assumed they were both probably right.

It occurs to me that Glee should not really be reviewed in prose form but with some kind of sine-wave chart, just plotting the show, minute by minute, as it skids repeatedly across the center line of mediocrity to peaks of emotion and troughs of ridiculousness. It’s either/or with this show, usually within five minutes; this episode was called “Yes/No,” but really, aren’t they all?

I personally disagree I love each and every episode of Glee and have found that every song has a meaning. Rachel should definately say yes to Finn even though she probably wont for rating purposes.
What did you think about Glee’s return?
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